Biden's Getting Americans ‘Out Of This Ditch’ With Executive Orders, Karine Jean-Pierre Says | TODAY


White House principal deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre joins Weekend TODAY to discuss the actions President Joe Biden has taken in the first few days of his presidency, including executive orders on COVID-19 and the climate. “President Biden has been very clear. It’s time for the government to act,” she says.
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Biden’s Getting Americans ‘Out Of This Ditch’ With Executive Orders, Karine Jean-Pierre Says | TODAY


  • Yeah wonderful start Killed 53000 union pipeline jobs Send combat troops to Syria Same ones Trump pulled out And the 2000 check to help starving Americans got reduced to 1400 and can not seem to know when they be send. Biden a loser and lying con man

  • Got right to it . Gas prices up ,loss of jobs ,girls sports ruined and sold out to climate freaks all in one day he’s amazing and the press will love him . And when it all implodes they’ll blame Trump

  • Jobs will be leaving America by the millions again!!!! Under Obama from 2007-2014… 5 million jobs were outsourced or eliminated in America!!!!! Good luck!!! We are in the stank hole now for sure…..The media and democrats played on the emotions of Americans with negative press on Trump four 4 years straight…night and day….and brain washed the American public…Now!!!! they want to silence the right…NO!!!! conservative media will be allowed…Well! When you silence is because you a afraid of what they “MAY” say about you…..If you are such great politicians and have the best interest of Americans at heart why are they trying to silence the right? No conservative media outlets….they want OAN news commentators…and Newmax silenced and not broadcast over social media…Comcast…AT&T or Verizon….WHY?

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