Biden's Getting Americans ‘Out Of This Ditch’ With Executive Orders, Karine Jean-Pierre Says | TODAY


White House principal deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre joins Weekend TODAY to discuss the actions President Joe Biden has taken in the first few days of his presidency, including executive orders on COVID-19 and the climate. “President Biden has been very clear. It’s time for the government to act,” she says.
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Biden’s Getting Americans ‘Out Of This Ditch’ With Executive Orders, Karine Jean-Pierre Says | TODAY


  • Biden should be responsible for getting the bus out of the ditch. After all it was the O’Biden driver that put the bus IN the ditch.
    Oh Yeah it is so much more fun laughing at Biden than HATING Trump. $5-$6 dollars a gallon at the gas pump lets us feel good about paying for the joke.

  • The thousands of jobs he ended on the pipeline is just the begining.The new green deal was to END petroleum production by 2035 was it not?That affects EVERYTHING pretty much.Along with evil gasoline and diesel goes oil and other lubricants and various other additives that goes with them affecting about every other machine you can think of.Getting rid of petroleum at this point in time in our country is not going to effect polution very much as the rest of the world will still be using petroleumbut it will leave our collective rear end sticking up in the air for all to take a pot shot at.I am pretty sure there is no country in the world ready for a completely renewable power source.The only thing outlawing petroleum is going to do is make our country ripe for take over.Or has that already happened?That DITCH is really a big gaping hole and it looks like those in washington want to throw the country in it.

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