Biden's Getting Americans ‘Out Of This Ditch’ With Executive Orders, Karine Jean-Pierre Says | TODAY


White House principal deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre joins Weekend TODAY to discuss the actions President Joe Biden has taken in the first few days of his presidency, including executive orders on COVID-19 and the climate. “President Biden has been very clear. It’s time for the government to act,” she says.
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Biden’s Getting Americans ‘Out Of This Ditch’ With Executive Orders, Karine Jean-Pierre Says | TODAY


  • Biden is signing blank papers, he didn’t show us anything, he’s not being transparent he’s lying.
    The White House get another figurehead, but it stays the same, no change equals no change.

  • Biden is doing the same as he’s done for last 40 +years. Which is nothing for the American people!! And as far as his actions as president, none of his actions was really his. Biden is nothing but a puppet for the left. They pull the stings and watch joe dance. He’s needs to turn his life over to Christ and ask for forgiveness. And after that he needs to call Trump and beg him to come help him because he clearly has no idea what he’s doing.

  • Every president went to the White House and got to work!!! Including trump who also signed tons of executive orders his first day!! Quit making it sound like we have a savior!!

  • More downvotes than upvotes just goes to show you that consistently America DID NOT vote for THIS PRESIDENT and doesn’t support Globalist policies of America LAST. In addition, the reason there are 900,000 jobs lost is HIS FAULT because he just basically got the big oil pipeline and other things shut down to save the Earth of course. Well those thousands of people are now out work because of Joe’s actions. In a couple of months you all who actually voted for this will be BEGGING for Trump back.

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